Integrated Design+Build

Integrated Design+Build is a project delivery method in which Newport Design and Construction Services has responsibility for a project from design to construction. We utilize a full range of — Design+Build, Design Assist, General Construction, CM at Risk — depending on project needs, but many of our clients find the Integrated Design+Build approach best helps them reach their goals.

Integrated Design+Build leverages the power of our in-house design and in- house construction expertise to provide an understanding of cost, schedule and scope of work earlier in the process. This approach delivers tangible benefits to clients from design to completion with quality built in to each stage.

  • Responsive and Responsible

    Integrated Design+Build simplifies the construction process for clients by providing a single point of contact and accountability on every aspect of the project.

  • Information Is Power

    Our teams simultaneously estimate construction costs and can accurately conceptualize the full scope of the completed project. This means clients can plan and assess the viability of a project more accurately and far earlier in the process than through other delivery methods.

  • A Team In Your Corner

    Design and construction professionals work together as a unified team for the client. This eliminates contractor conflicts, speeds up material and equipment procurement and can significantly reduce overall project time. Value engineering is applied continuously to achieve the client’s goals.

  • Time And Money

    In a collaborative environment, the design+build process captures the time ordinarily lost between design, permit and construction schedules and puts it to work for the client in savings and efficiencies.

We approach each project that is entrusted to us by our clients with pride and professionalism. Find out how we can help with your next project today!