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Integrated Design+Build & Beyond
Integrated Design+Build is a project delivery method in which Newport Design and Construction Services has responsibility for a project from design to construction. We utilize a full range of — Design+Build, Design Assist, General Construction, CM at Risk — depending on project needs, but many of our clients find the Integrated Design+Build approach best helps them reach their goals.
Integrated Design+Build leverages the power of our in-house design and in- house construction expertise to provide an understanding of cost, schedule and scope of work earlier in the process. This approach delivers tangible benefits to clients from design to completion with quality built in to each stage


Our true value as a design-build company can be seen early in the process as we bring the full support and knowledge base of the architectural, engineering and construction industry to the front end of design.


As contractors, our experience provides insight into the realities of the built environment and eliminates the typical communication gap between designer and builder.


Craftsmanship is one our guiding principles and is achieved through our very selective subcontractor base. We only use licensed and insured subcontractors to provide our clients an added level of protection.


Protecting your asset and the life cycle cost of your project is equally as important as building the project. Our clients often realize savings upwards of $100,000+ on the lifetime value of their project through our predictive, planned, and preventative post-construction service.

We approach each project that is entrusted to us by our clients with pride and professionalism. Find out how we can help with your next project today!

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